his month, “Our take” is bittersweet for me. On Sept. 1, I started a new job at Dominion and transitioned my responsibilities as editor of You magazine to John Wiley Jr., manager–Employee Communications.

January 2014—the beginning of my time overseeing the magazine—coincided with the birth of my daughter, Perry. It is impossible for me to separate the two events because I see You magazine as a child whose future I had a chance to shape, if only for a couple of years. As I begin a new chapter in my career, I want to thank you for letting me tell your stories. As editor, I had the chance to meet many people who are coming to work every day, just trying to make our company a little bit better.

The first story I wrote for You was about sisters Pam Burrous and Penny Bloom, both Gas Transmission Operations supervisors in the Northeast region of Pennsylvania. Through their interview, I learned that helping people is in their blood. They told stories, shared memories and finished each others’ sentences. Earlier this year, I met Brittany Moody, an engineering projects manager working on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and was inspired by her commitment to excellence at work and her fierce dedication to her family. I also learned about Dominique Meeks, a chemist whose life-long goal is to raise funds to research the disease that took her mother’s life. I wrote about and read of countless others who give deeply of themselves each day when they come to work, and keep giving when they go home.

As long as there are readers like you and stories like these to tell, I am confident You magazine will continue to be the place we go to read about the incredible things our coworkers and retirees are doing at Dominion and in their communities. Though this is the last “Our take” I will write, your stories are written on my heart forever.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Many of the people featured in this month’s issue also are writing new chapters in their books of life.

Michele Pugh has hiked the Appalachian Trail as well as paths through the Rockies and the Alps; she is looking forward one day to a trek down the West Coast of the United States. In the span of 10 days this summer, Dave and Nancy Rieckmann and their son and daughter hiked to Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, biked in San Francisco, and completed a “Tough Mudder” competition. And “the two Jens”—Jennifer Culhane and Jen Kostyniuk—share a goal of running in marathons in all 50 states, with the next one coming up in Colorado.

Jim Beamer has played a key role in guiding the Dominion’s support of numerous biking trails throughout the company’s service territory. And in Richmond, the company just wrapped up its sponsorship of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, where 1,000 of the world’s top cyclists from about 75 countries spent more than a week racing through the area’s streets and roads. Photographers Doug Buerlein and Jay Paul captured some of the excitement as the city “hosted the world.”

Of course, this interest in fitness and challenge is not new. In this month’s “Story from the past,” read an article about another biker—and a weightlifter and karate instructor—from a 1986 issue of Powerline.

Finally, Carol Zedaker recently faced one of life’s milestones to which many of us can relate: She sent her “little boy” off to college. Read how Carol is handling her family’s transition in this month’s “My word.”

A new chapter

by Rebecca McNamara and John Wiley Jr.