hether you’re focusing on cardiovascular health or Valentine’s Day, February seems to be all about the heart. To celebrate, we are sending you a gift from the bottom of our hearts!

Meanwhile, read about Brittany Moody, the engineering projects manager working on the high-profile Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Want to really get away from it all? Find out how Annmarie Dillahunty took that idea to heart and fulfilled a lifelong dream of renovating a rural cabin free from life’s modern distractions. And keep your ol’ ticker in shape with seven tips from the American Heart Association.

Also in this issue, we talk with Randi Heise, who traveled across the world to explore her love of cultivating bonsai trees, and our “Story from the past” is an article from a 1960 issue of The Beacon, which foretold, pretty accurately, the future of the natural gas industry.

We love YOU!

by Rebecca McNamara