emperatures are soaring and the sun is blazing hot, which is good news for Dianne Corsello, who’s leading the charge for solar power at Dominion. This month, read about how she is putting to work her 30 years of experience at the company to find the most economic way to make solar power part of our future. And to get up to speed on all things solar, don’t miss “Solar facts: Why your energy may be sunny-side up.”

In “My word,” Randy Murray reminds us that it only takes one small gesture to make someone’s day a little brighter. Find out what he started doing at North Anna Power Station to get to know his co-workers better.

Dominick Oliveri may spend his days troubleshooting computers in IT, but in his off-hours, he flies one of the U.S. military’s most iconic helicopters. Dominick is a Black Hawk helicopter maintenance test pilot for the Army National Guard in Virginia.

Also in this issue, a 1948 article in The Beacon highlights a West Virginia employee’s unusual hobby as a leisure pilot.

Hot time, summer at Dominion

by Rebecca McNamara