June 2017

Where would we be without our dads?

by Audrey Cannon

When I was a kid, my dad sat with me at our kitchen table, endlessly patient, as I struggled to learn fractions. He was by my side when I learned to ride my bike, when I moved in to my freshman dorm, and when I graduated with my master’s degree last month. No one is more proud of me than my dad. Advice givers, protectors and friends, dads look out for their babies in a way no one else can.


It seems only right that we take a day out of the year to celebrate the fathers in our lives. So, here are a handful of dad-related stories that will make your heart happy.


Bill Murray, vice president–State & Electric Public Policy, opens up about the challenges of raising a daughter with autism. His only child, Hallie, decided that her destiny would not be dictated by a childhood diagnosis. Today, she is a published author, a law student and a champion for children with disabilities.


Another employee will soon be a new dad. In honor of Father’s Day, Justin Pope reflects on fond memories with his dad, a role model for the father he hopes to become.


Two dads recently shared a special moment at the company’s Volunteer of the Year awards ceremony. New retiree Gary Venturini donated his grant money to a colleague and friend, Robert Vince. Rob and his wife co-founded a nonprofit organization after their infant son lost a battle with congenital heart disease.


And Alex Vargas, passionate about the education of her three young children, spoke at Career Day about her job as licensing engineer at Millstone Power Station. She believes it’s never too soon to educate students about nuclear energy.


Finally, did you know there are more than 1,800 unique jobs at the company? In a (partly selfish) effort to get out of my cubicle and explore, I am starting a mission to find out what some of those jobs are—and do them for a day. In the first of a series, read about my trials and tribulations as I learned what it’s like to wire panels as an electrical mechanic in Fishersville, Va.