May 2017

Motherhood and more

by Audrey Cannon

As a recent graduate loving life in downtown Richmond, I can’t yet imagine what motherhood would be like—let alone grandmotherhood. But some of the moms featured this month make it clear that the bond you have with your children is unlike any other.

Doreen Murray didn’t think she could love anyone more powerfully and unconditionally than her children—until she became a grandmother. One minute, she was a Harley-riding empty-nester, and the next she was “Grandma.”

Rita Randolph, a mother of two and grandmother of four, recently was recognized for decades of work with Dominion’s EnergyShare program. Get to know Rita, and learn about how she has witnessed the benefits of EnergyShare in the community.

Marlu Deverick couldn’t imagine motherhood until she had twins, a boy and a girl. Her children, now 2 years old, as well as her coworkers, benefit from learning about her Hispanic culture and upbringing in Lima, Peru.

And Carla Russell and her daughter have a special bond. Ten-year-old Morgan has a rare illness that affects less than four children in every million. Learn about what Carla does to support Morgan in her many overnight hospital stays.

Gary Fragmin, a West Virginia native, is also helping a child in need. When his great nephew was born with a birth defect and required a special crib, Gary put his woodworking skills to the test. He spent 80 hours building a custom crib when its store-bought equivalent could have cost $7,000.

In other news:

Read about the community involvement of 12 employees, and the Kewaunee team, who were recognized last month as Volunteers of the Year. From helping flood-ravaged families to supporting Marine combat veterans, this year’s honorees are diverse and dedicated.

Finally, check out the stories of three folks in Salt Lake City who “moonlight” for the Utah Jazz basketball team. From meeting star players to wrestling with the mascot, there’s a reason these employees have worked with the team for years.

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