ovember is a month of thanksgiving. But before we gather around our tables with family and friends to count our many blessings, we should make a special effort on Nov. 11 to express our gratitude to our nation’s veterans.

In this issue of You, we pay tribute to the men and women in our armed services, past and present. In a double “My word,” I remember my uncle, Reese Coverstone, who went missing in North Korea 65 years ago this month. And Saddiq Holliday, a staffing specialist and chairman of the Dominion Veterans Network, shares his pride in working for a company that strongly supports veterans.

Each fall, dozens of parks, zoos, schools, shelters and other organizations throughout the Dominion footprint are grateful for the “Energizing Communities” projects company volunteers work on with financial assistance from the Dominion Foundation. This month’s issue features a photo wrap-up of some of the 20 projects in six states.

Retiree Bob Fulton and his wife recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to America’s Last Frontier—Alaska. In addition to some funny moments, Bob shares spectacular shots of the scenery in the nation’s 49th state.

And, finally, Dominion has safety as one of its four core values. But this emphasis is not new, as evidenced by our “Story from the past,” taken from a 1953 issue of The Beacon, the publication of Hope Natural Gas Co.

A time for thanks

by John Wiley Jr.