August 2016

ell me about a time you overcame a challenge.

Have you ever been asked this in an interview? What stories came to mind? How did you reply?

Whether a major obstacle or a minor adjustment, we all face challenges. We attempt to handle them with grace, learn from them, and let them make us stronger.

This month and next, You is featuring employees who face physical disabilities. Eric Hutson was born with cerebral palsy. Despite having spent most of his life in a wheelchair, Eric succeeds in his role at Dominion and is working toward buying a house.

Terry O’Toole also was born with a disability. Unable to hear without hearing aids, Terry still managed to earn his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees at the College of William & Mary. He will retire from his role in Human Resources Sept. 1.

The issue also includes a “Story from the past” from a 2013 edition of Connect featuring employees who combat physical or cultural barriers.

Challenges are not always obstacles for an individual to overcome; often, they involve reaching out to others.

Kevin Mizelle and his family have hosted 18 foreign exchange students from around the world. At times, those students were dealing with injury or a death in the family, and Kevin opened his home to them and treated them like his own kids.

Children born in the United States face issues, too, and 40 employees partner with a middle school in Richmond to mentor a diverse group of students each week. Read about how they help their mentees deal with everything from homework to racism.

A new dad is adjusting to life with a child of his own. Check out Paulin Cheatham’s firsthand account of the misconceptions and joys of paternity leave.

And for some, including lineman trainee Mike Shearin, canine companions are like children. After serving together at the Marine Corps Air Station in Havelock, N.C., Mike and a former military dog, Luis, recently were reunited. Mike and his family have adopted Luis and are helping him adjust to retirement.

Finally, when those in our community face challenges, we rally together to lend support however we can. Learn how employees are donating time and money to help those affected by the recent floods in West Virginia.

A smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor

by Audrey Cannon