December 2016

ecember is a time for reflection—on the year that’s drawing to a close, on personal achievements, and on cherished memories with relatives.

And for one family, Dominion is the center of many of those memories. J.C. and Nancy Foster started with the company in 1950; now, they and their two sons, Jim and Dan, have dedicated a collective 137 years of service to Dominion.

Another employee, Frank Mack, looks back on a shorter, yet meaningful journey with his son, Steven. Over the past 17 years, they visited all 30 North American Major League Baseball parks.

A new facilities construction project manager, Jess Buchta, reflects on how she became one of few women in the construction industry. With extensive experience in high-rise construction, she is working in Richmond on the first high-rise Dominion has built in 40 years.

And in the location of the future high-rise, a former cigarette factory was just demolished. Retiree George Flowers recounts memories with his grandfather, who was manager of the factory when it was built in 1922.

John Wiley recalls a more personal history. More than four decades ago, he made a vow to never again step foot in a gym. Recently, John broke that vow, and he’s feeling better than ever. He hopes his success story will inspire others to make a positive change as we enter the new year.

December is also a time for serving the community. Rick Meadows—who puts his beard to use by dressing as Santa Claus every year—was invited to play Jolly Old St. Nick at the Ronald McDonald House in Richmond, where he delivered presents to sick children and was featured on the local news.

In these final months of 2016, many of us have served not only our local communities, but also the Dominion community.

When the company’s service area was hit by Hurricane Matthew in October, employees put their personal lives on hold to support each other during the restoration effort. Skip Mason, lead lineman in Elizabeth City, N.C., had his crew drop him off at his son’s wedding 10 minutes before it began. With no time to change, he attended the ceremony in his Dominion gear.

And in November, more than 350 employee volunteers worked at the Dominion Charity Classic golf tournament in Richmond. You’ll feel like you were there when you check out these photos.

‘Here we are as in olden days,

happy golden days of yore’

by Audrey Cannon